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However you want to look at it, the links below connect to a lot of useful information, most of it directly from IBM

IBM z/OS 2.2 MVS manuals

This link takes you to a library list of clickable links for z/OS V2R2 IBM manuals:

index of clickable links to just the IBM manuals on TSO :

index of clickable links to just the IBM manuals on ISPF :


IBM Systems magazine:

Systems Programmers Tips and Tricks for ISPF (three articles in IBM Systems magazine):

3270 Emulator User’s Reference (The 3270 emulator is the part of your TSO connection that runs on the PC).
Personal Communications for Windows, Version 5.7

DB2 Tutor blog:

IBM Redbooks z Systems:


IBM Redbook "VSAM Demystified" :


z/Architecture Principles of Operation


z/OS concepts (Totally introductory extensive basics, online)


ABCs of IBM z/OS System Programming

13-volume set of detailed and exceptionally good manuals about the z/OS operating system, in the Redbooks library:

Volume  1:

Volume  2:

Volume  3:

Volume  4:

Volume  5:

Volume  6:

Volume  7:

Volume  8:

Volume  9:

Volume 10:

Volume 11:

Volume 12:

Volume 13:

IBM Redbooks blogs:

IBM z/OS boot camp (system internals)

The boot camp textbook pdf:

CBT Tape

 Sample source code —  
Excellent useful programs like TAPEMAP and ZOOM



Further reading for JCL topic(s):

IBM z/OS MVS V2R2 JCL Reference Manual (downloadable PDF)

IBM z/OS MVS V2R2 JCL User’s Guide (downloadable PDF)

SC23-6864-01, z/OS DFSMSdfp Utilities (online reading, not a PDF)

IEBGENER in above book (online reading, not a PDF):

DFSMS Using Datasets (online reading, not a PDF)

Index(es) of IBM pdfs for V2R2: