Neither the author nor any other entity associated with this blog takes any responsibility or liability for any use or misuse of any information or other content contained in this blog or in any post that may appear on this blog.   Note that the behaviour of any computer system is subject to change based on the specific hardware as well as software installation and configuration parameters, local modifications,  software release levels and fix levels.

Some of the features described in the blog posts are relatively new features that have been introduced by IBM at some specific new software release level, such as z/OS 2.1; Such features may not be available in older levels of the software; Or the features might have existed in some different form in prior releases, and hence may behave differently at an older level.

Also note that the people who install and configure z/OS at your site might have chosen settings and/or installed third party software add-ons and/or other optional add-ons and/or written "exits" and/or made other software modifications that could cause the software on your system to behave differently from what is described in these posts.


Additional caveat:

Contents of existing blog posts are subject to change without notice.  In particular if I notice a misspelling, grammatical error, or typo in a post, or if someone points one out to me, then usually I edit the post to correct the error.  More often than not I make other minor changes at the same time, adding clarifications perhaps or just rewording something or adding additional information.  Usually I don't add a footnote that there has been a change or correction unless it's a big change (such as adding a big addendum on a related but tangential topic at the end of a post) or a substantive change such as an actual technical correction. The assumption I'm making is that probably most people don't notice and/or don't care that I mistyped "Input" as "Inut" in one place and later noticed and corrected it, or that when correcting it I also added a short paragraph into the BLKSIZE post suggesting that people specify the equivalent of BLOCK CONTAINS 0 RECORDS in file definitions within programs they write, rather than assigning an actual number of records per block, since any non-zero number specified in a program will be used to populate a hard-coded BLKSIZE in the DCB for the file, which would then prevent anyone from using system-determined BLKSIZE for that data set.  In summary, I change old posts a little bit from time to time, making minor corrections and/or clarifications, and usually no footnotes are added pointing out the changes.  So if anyone is saving copies of stuff from the blog, those copies might no longer reflect verbatim what is in the post after such changes.